Trish Chaney Founder & Baker

Tea with Millie and Ellie - Traveling Tea Room was an idea I had whilst at home one day with my two little girls, Millie and Ellie. Since having my beautiful girls, I have always wanted to start my own business, so using the 25 years worth of catering experience I have, I decided i wanted to do something a little bit different, a little bit special. But also, something I know people love to indulge in.


Afternoon tea is something I have often enjoyed with my friends & family, literally tasting up to nine or ten delicious flavours, all in one sitting. So, I started baking, and I realised I loved it and that I was pretty good at it and my husband who is my biggest critic, loves my baking too. The amounts of scones and Victoria Sponge cake we tried and tested was ridiculous, but my friends and family were not complaining when I used them for tasting sessions.

I then got myself a very large collection of beautiful vintage china, cups, saucers, teapots, milk jugs, the lot and I began to set up my business. The name of a business, should be special and have a special meaning, that's why I named it after my girls, the loves of my life.